Low-cost high-yield Raymond Mill

Low-cost high-yield Raymond Mill

Description :

Raymond mill machine installation and operation:Check everything before you start closing the access door is narrow,palate crusher size meeting of initial size of the separation,adjust the speed of analyzing the size requirements was almost fin...

Raymond mill machine installation and operation:
Check everything before you start closing the access door is narrow,palate crusher size meeting of initial size of the separation,adjust the speed of analyzing the size requirements was almost finished.Finally,according to the order of the boot.1 bucket elevator,2,from the jaw crusher;3,after the silo materials,start the analyzer;4,when the fan is turned on(air charging starts to be performed after normal load);5,Raymond host starts,the host begins electromagnetic vibratory feeder at start time.Raymond grinding work at the moment is the beginning.
After processing the material in the host of the Raymond mill grinding chamber,a centrifugal force due to the rotation of the spindle,the oscillations of the grinding rollers pressed outwards into the grinding ring,the excavation material shovel fed between The roller and the grinding ring with the rolling roller to carry out grinding,fine grinding.After grinding the material,the dust with the air circulation fan through the classification of the analysis machine,either through thick material falling into the re-grinding chamber,qualified powder in the cyclone dust collector Of air,through the dust discharge pipe is closed.Flow then enters the cyclone manifold by a fan to form a closed loop,operating the machine continuously.After that from the plane passing through the air duct into the purified powder.
1.Machine for three-dimensional structure,small size,systematic,from the raw material to rough and delivered to the final packaging,can be independent of the autonomous production system.
2.Finish fine powder powder through a 99%sieve,which is difficult to have other grinding equipment.
3.A transmission device employs a gearbox and the smooth waterproof transmission pulley,reliable operation.
4.important parts Raymond Mill are made of high-quality steel,wear-resistant wear parts are high-performance materials,wear machine,reliable operation.Knife blade B during operation always in contact with the material,the upper and lower blade holder consists of two parts,the wear of the lower seat after removing the connecting bolts can be exchanged.
Technical Parameter
TypeRoll Grinding
Feed Size
Output Size
CapacityMotor Power
Blower Power
Classifier Machine Power(kw)Overall

Low-cost high-yield Raymond Mill
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