Energy Saving Green Mobile Crusher Plant

Energy Saving Green Mobile Crusher Plant

Description :

The mobile crushing station is a new era in the demand for crude,and its main feature is mobile work,while ensuring a safe and reliable operation of production equipment.Mobile crushing differs to some extent,improve the level of equipment management...

The mobile crushing station is a new era in the demand for crude,and its main feature is mobile work,while ensuring a safe and reliable operation of production equipment.Mobile crushing differs to some extent,improve the level of equipment management and production efficiency,improve economic efficiency for the user,on the one hand,on the other hand also for enterprises to save the cost of production,has a Very good relationship application and popularization.New SBE mobile crushing plant can be made to predict faults in the equipment,to prevent serious accidents,reduce downtime,put full play the potential of the device to ensure the correct operation of production lines,improve efficiency Of companies.
The mobile station is a multi-stage crushing inspection of bulk material unloading of mining equipment and is screened for mining equipment according to certain specifications.It is mainly used in metallurgy,chemical products,building materials,water conservancy,electrical industry often requires materials processing companies,particularly stone road station business projects,railway,water and electricity,customers can handle Raw materials,depending on the size and needs of different types of materials,finished products using a variety of configurations.
Mobile crushing plant is divided into the mobile crushing station of the mobile crusher and the mobile crushing station two categories.But as the machine based on the customer's group requirements,including mobile jaw crusher,mobile crusher,mobile crusher,mobile crusher roller station,mobile crushing plant in a single step,the combination process is Simple and convenient,achieve the unity of effective integration,configured diversity,broader and flexible scope.
1,the integration of the whole unit form of the integrated unit,eliminating the complex sub-set of infrastructure installation work in the field,reducing the consumption of material time.The planning of the territory of the reasonable compact unit,improve the flexibility of presence on the ground.
2,flexible handling,location of the mobile station of a vehicle at high crush,the operator of the vehicle is less than the width of the semi-trailer,a small turning radius,in order to facilitate regular traffic,more Easy to break the area ofthe site with harsh bad road environments.Entered so quickly the site saves time.More favorable favorable input into the construction area,provides more flexible space and reasonable design configuration for the entire crushing process.
3,in order to reduce material transportation costs,the mobile crushing station,a first material capable of broken line site,eliminating the material is transported from the middle of another broken link,greatly reducing the expense Of the equipment.More set of expanded ground material directly into the carriage transport hopper,turn the scene.
Technical Parameter:
Transport Dimensions
Length (mm)860096001109713300158009460
Width (mm)252025203759290029002743
Height (mm)377035003500444045003988
Weight (kg)152402200032270578809800025220
Axle weight (kg)101211450021380384306400014730
King pin weight (kg)5118750010890194503400010490
Jaw Crusher
Feed opening (mm)400×600500×750600×900750×1060900×1200300×1300
Discharging hole setting renage (mm)40-10050-10065-18080-18095-22520-90
Capacity (m3/h)10-3525-6030-8570-150100-24010-65
Feed hopper volume (m3)34710103
Hopper width (mm)220025003000300030002200
Belt Conveyor

Energy Saving Green Mobile Crusher Plant
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